Disposable Spoolies? WHY should ask your makeup artist to use a disposable wand every time you hit the studio.

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If you have ever been to a makeup studio like Hairmasters/Kriti Ds on a heavy wedding date, you would definitely understand this. 

There are about 20-30 brides and back-to-back makeup is happening. While they do disinfect the brushes and the sponges (hopefully) the last thing you want is an infection because of the tools and it is likely that you will get one sooner or later.

Lets only focus on mascara for this one!

Picture this:- The makeup artist grabs her favorite mascara and uses the wand in the lid. She loves this stuff, so she uses it on all of her clients one by one. 

Why you should cringe: Eye makeup is one of the biggest bacterial culprits. Using the built-in wand contaminates it and the mascara in the tube. Double dipping with the wand or a disposable spoolie, even once, ruins the tube. The same wand goes so close to so many eyes and bacteria that they may lead to severe eye infections!

What should be done: Always ask for disposable spoolies and never double dip! The last thing you want is an infection on your D-day!

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