Doing workplace makeup right- The HR perspective

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Being in HR, I come across many many people. Each very different and unique in their own way. There are extra polished people who make a point to look their best every day with makeup and styling at work and there are people who turn up to wearing a simple kurta and some kajal or lip gloss.

It doesn’t matter which category you belong because your capabilities speak out for themselves but while you are at your workplace, it is important to look right.

Keeping it subtle at your workplace (Unless you work in the fashion or related industry) is everything. Your workplace is not a club where you want attention and drama on your face. Cakey makeup is always a big no no. What is recommended for workplace makeup is a good base that stays put all day. A nice subtle shade of lip color in whatever tone you like. Browns, reds, oranges, pinks all work perfectly. There are always shades in every tone which are deep and do not scream unnecessary attention.

As an HR I say it is very important to stand out and carve your presence at the workplace. Detailing is what makes you, you. So the little things you add in your clothing, your jewelry and in your makeup make you different. Whatever look you choose, just avoid sweaty and washed off makeup look. Smudged kajal is a no no. Makeup oxidizes when it reacts with free elements in the air— which is why your concealer refuses to stay put all day or your liner washes of. So when it comes to looking on-point for eight hours straight, it is a lot about the touch-ups.  Read below some significant tips for your workplace makeup.

Under eye concealer

This is the foremost step, you don’t want to look tired and show your dark circles in a meeting or to your office. It is very important to look fresh because your eyes do the talking and you don’t want your client to know you worked on the presentation all night.


It’s the second most important step of your daily wear makeup .Don’t put layers of foundation It will only cake you up. Not required.

While you have already concealed your face, take on a small pea sized amount of foundation and blend it with a makeup brush to be all consistent. Don’t miss out the neck and ears.


Again minimal is the key. Put on some basic nude eye shadow, add some liner for detailing and top it off with some hint of sparkle at the corner of your eyes to make it stand out. Keep the liner with you for the wing if you plan to step out to party later. Keep your liner/kajal in place. It is not recommended to have smudged black eyes anywhere. 


Just a nice hint of color does the job. No extra color or flush. Touch it up once again in a day and it stays put. A blush really brightens up your face so it is recommended for those dreaded Mondays to look and feel fresh while kickstarting your week.


Lastly but the most important step is your lips .Experiment with your lips according to your own personality. A red hot lipstick does wonders and a nude lip shade never goes wrong .Choose wisely because lipsticks can either make or break your entire look. Even red as I say is okay for workplace if you tone down the rest of your makeup.

Observe the difference a good makeup does to you. It has the potential to really pop up the day and mood. A dash of color does no harm and only enhances the way you look. Looking bright and fresh is the key. If you are born with it, that’s great and if not, touch up a bit. It’s similar to ironing your creased shirts and clothes. Even an unpressed shirt covers you up but it is the neatness that is important.

You are being judged at your workplace and it is only these little things that count.

By:-Nupur Grover- Been working in HR for over 7 years now.




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