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It gives me immense pleasure to be writing this since it feels like a childhood dream of telling your story , has come true. I will not call it a success story yet but it is definitely worth sharing.

A week from now, I’ll be launching my first venture and my first product. Surprisingly and amusingly, it’s a product in the beauty industry. All of those who know me also know very well that I am, or was, far away from beauty. I am just another girl who has been living with acne and facial hair for more than 10 years now.  

Yes, that’s right. I do not remember exactly when it started but for as long as I recall, I’ve always had acne. Acne that will come back with every period, every time I tried to remove the facial hairs and just every time for whatever reason. By now, I think even a peck on my cheek will cause me to breakout.

I owe a lot of it to the hormones in my body and more than them, my lifestyle which I refuse to change. I had to make a choice either to live with acne or to sit at home waiting for them to go away or to be on strong strong meds like Accutane or birth control pills.

I chose my lifestyle to still be out in the sun and dirt playing during my school time, doing street theatre in my college, doing my sales job and then running errands in industries and factories to make RoseGrey happen. These were exactly the things I wanted to do at those times and I chose them ignoring my acne and other skin issues.

As what happens with everything that you choose to ignore, it happened to my skin as well. It only grew worse by time and I had finally come to accept that I have come way to far from a clear skin.

Enters makeup to cover it up and the surprising joy it brought along with it. I could never ever imagine myself talking, leave alone enjoying makeup few years ago. (Tomboyish childhood, yes)

So yes, I fell in love with makeup instantly and I am still in love with it. I still go days sometimes without it, but now, everyday, I do prefer to show my best face forward.

But this love for makeup brought its own problems. Those of you who read about it would know acne and makeup are not the best partners but they can’t live without each other either.

Long story short, even makeup started causing more acne. And as I began to read about it to understand why I may be breaking out despite using all good products, it came down to brushes and the hygiene that makeup should come alongwith.

I did realize I was doing it all wrong. At that time, I didn’t ever pay any attention to the brush fibre, to the way I store my brushes and the way to keep them clean. Having spoken to a lot of women by now, I know there are so many like me who still don’t.

So with this problem of mine, the knowledge behind it and an evident market gap, I began working on makeup brushes suitable for acne-prone and sensitive skin types. Women with naturally healthy skin, you are obviously in the category.

And, this is how RoseGrey came into being. The name is picked from two colors that are an epitome of sealmess blending of colors and my initials as well. The vision is to create a makeup hygiene & skincare brand synonymous with brains put into beauty.

Women here in India (may be applicable to men who apply makeup) are very very new to makeup. We all have been blasted with a plethora of techniques, products and tools with the advent of Youtube and Instagram. Not all of them are made for every Indian skin type and are suitable for Indian climate.Our moms havn't taught us to clean our brushes weekly or to disinfect our makeup because they were never exposed to all this.

 Every product that I have added to the portfolio has been picked with the intention of letting people do makeup right. Its all collective knowledge that I will owe to my last job at a Big4. I envision women coming forward to share what they have come to understand and experience on their journey with makeup.

My signature and first product is the Premium Oval Brush Collection. It’s a range of makeup brushes crafted and designed to the most suitable shape and structure for quick and seamless blending available in the market combined with hypoallergenic synthetic fibers, free from all animal hair whatsoever. These brushes have been custom made in Guangzhou China.

RoseGrey’s online store comes with related global makeup hygiene products. The store works on a drop shipping model so every product will take some time to get delivered. But be assured, you’ll get the best of products which have been given a lot of thought before they come to you.

Stay tuned as I unfold more information about the brushes and their packaging. It has been over 10 months now that I have been working on this and I have never felt as nervous and anxious as I am right now, a week away from launching. I hope you all will support me as I chalk my way through these unknown waters of entrepreneurship.

Alongwith RoseGrey and related products, I will also write about the experience and challenges I am facing as a girl growing into a business woman. It’s kind of a solace for me and if I am able to help anyone along with their journey, it will just make it better.

Thank you.

Lots of love.<3

Ritika Grover


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